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Up to that point, I was following what the online world was telling me to do. Although I have a Master’s in Marketing, I felt insecure about applying my theoretical skills to the online world so I listened to the popular coaches, and did what everyone else was doing – posting to Facebook groups several times a day, engaging and giving value.

I was spending a lot of time creating content for Facebook groups and Instagram, trying to get people on calls. When they did get on calls I was terrified of pitching. I didn’t want to pitch! I wanted people to want to work with me.

After my burnout I decided to put a stop to it and do things differently – how I wanted to do business.

Start pitching to the right people

I started approaching owners of Facebook groups and private programmes and pitched them guest expert spots. I was very confident with the knowledge I had on business and marketing strategy, I just wasn’t confident promoting it by myself. I was happy putting together presentations and workshops to help people with what they needed the most. 

High Impact Free Virtual Event

The idea behind creating and running the Content Quest was to create a strategic content plan – to create it and put it into action.

The Quest didn’t make me much money,  I was actually sorely disappointed about it. However, even now, a year later, I’m still getting inquiries from people who remember seeing the Content Quest! And, as a little cherry on the top, it ended up winning an award from the Conquer Club – which I am still so thrilled about. 

It amped up my visibility, established my brand, built my network and list, and definitely got me a number of opportunities… and was a big step in getting me booked out.

I know when you’re starting your business you’re aching to just make money. To just get those clients in. But everything feels like it’s taking forever and – worst of all – you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing! What if you’re on the wrong track and this method you’re following isn’t going to help get you to you goals? It’s scary. I’ve been there.

And even when my methods may not work for you – think about what YOU can do to create higher impact? What can you do that really lights you up and is a bit more unique than just another worksheet? 

Leave it as a comment below and then go out and DO IT. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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