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Hi, I’m Maggie!

I’m an award-winning business and marketing strategist, helping entrepreneurs take dedicated action towards their Big Goals and Dreams.

Think of me as your wand-waving, spell-casting partner-in-crime to slay your business dragons (Social media! Tracking! Getting Visible!) and carve a path through the magical forest, where Dreamy Clients, business growth, and freedom await.

I help businesses scale – if that’s building a team, honing your strategy, going from 80-hour to 20-hours weeks or hitting your next Big Goal – live events, video, writing a book. 

Live Events For Entrepreneurs

I also love running live events, especially in Europe. In 2018, I ran three international live events, and many meetups for entrepreneurs!

Next up: Amsterdam in Spring 2019, for entrepreneurs ready to scale. 

Bosses in Europe

In 2017, I founded Bosses in Europe, an online community with in-person events to help Europe-based entrepreneurs connect, collaboration and grow together.
If you’re based in Europe

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