As I recovered from my Emergency Room visit, I wasn’t able to do much work. Instead, I focused on getting to know my Dream Clients better. I had done so many client avatar exercises and free opt-ins, but nothing seemed to help. They all seemed disconnected from reality. I simply didn’t see the point of doing those exercises. Then what? What did I do with them? Where was the sunrise-salute doing, green-tea drinking unicorn I had described?

I have a Master’s of Science in Marketing and we focused heavily on market research. Data analysis, numbers, and facts – not making assumptions with random exercises. I decided to go back to that, and ignore what the online world was telling me.

  1. I outlined what I believed were the core traits of my ideal clients (hypothesis)
  2. Went where I thought they were online
  3. Interviewed them (tested hypothesis)
  4. Applied the results (changed the copy of my marketing, sales page etc)

This was absolutely transformational for my business in 3 ways:


  1. I realised that my ideal clients were actually different from whom I thought they were
  2. I realised that I had been looking for them in the wrong places
  3. I realised that what they wanted from me was different to what I had though
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Understanding your clients means using the right language, creating the right products and services, writing marketing copy that works, and building relationships with your audience.

Because that’s how you build a business.

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