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Prague Business Retreat: September 14 – 17, 2017

Is This You?

My clients often tell me they feel these things:


I want to spend real-time with like-minded female entrepreneurs


I would like to meet new people to widen my horizon and broaden my perspective.


I want some time to work on and help growing and scaling my own business, instead of constantly working in it.


I crave connection – real, face-to-face, human connection. Deep conversations, honesty and openness. To know I’m not alone in this journey.


I want to share ideas and skills, get inspired and get fresh ideas


Sometimes I feel like I just need to get out of my own head and get a fresh perspective on my business’s next steps.

Love, believe me, I get it.

I’ve been where you are, and it sucks.

Being an online business owner can feel so overwhelming, lonely, and even isolating, and there’s nothing like real-time conversations and adventures with people going through the same journey.

That’s why I created the Prague Biz Retreat:

to craft a magical, life- and business-changing experience and bring together amazing, fiercely dedicated female business owners such as yourself.

To help inspire you, connect you to each other, grow your business with strategy workshops, and dig deep with mastermind discussions.

Break the vicious cycle, join me and 15 other fiercely dedicated female entrepreneurs, build incredible friendships and grow your business.

We understand where you are now, and the journey you need to take. Let us guide you.


Educational, interactive workshops that focus on giving you a structure to tackle problems in your business


Deep mastermind conversations that dig deep into your business for higher impact, less effort growth


A group of like-minded, fiercely dedicated women to guide you, support you and help you.


Inspiration, fresh ideas and a fresh perspective on old business problems.

Explore yourself, don’t hold back and take the first step to where you truly want to be.

You Are Invited to the Prague Business Retreat!

Only 16 spots left.

Early Bird Valid Until








When & Where?

When: 14 – 17 September 2017 (Optional arrival 15 September)

Where: Prague & Ve Stoleti Inn & Restaurant, Beroun, Czech Republic

Who: For female small business owners who have been in business for at least a year

Why: To inspire you, connect you & grow your business… while having an amazing experience

The Goals of the Retreat

Learning & Growth – Connection with your online audience
Inspiration & Intimacy – Connection with other business owners
Experience & Exploration – Connection with yourself

Learning & Growth

Intense workshops to dig deeper into your business. You’ll get a structure that you can then apply to your own business, not just theory.

After each workshop, you’ll break apart into small groups to discuss and dig deeper, while facilitators help guide you. Expect short, intense workshops, small mastermind sessions to discuss, and feedback to grow.

Inspiration & Intimacy

With only 16 spots available, the retreat is going to be personal and intimate.

After all, entrepreneurship can be isolating and there’s nothing like the power of deep conversations late into the night with others who are walking that journey beside you.

Get connected. Meet new, inspiring women in that same spot – who get it.

Experience & Exploration

Dinner underneath a Gothic castle on a hill. Lunch in an underground brewery from the year 1440. Pyjama chats late into the night. A group of fiercely dedicated female business owners, craving more growth and connection… with ease.

Take your heels off, don’t worry about your eyeliner, and just focus on the people, the learning, and getting the most out of this unique experience.

Maggie, I already know I want to be there!

The Location

Ve Století is a cosy, rustic reformed farm with an on-site restaurant, in the tiny town of Beroun, about 20 minutes outside of Prague and close to the famous Karlstejn Castle. We will have a private room for our workshops, and a private lounge for our pyjama chats! The restaurant serves authentic, traditional Czech food (I’ve been there myself!). There’s a gorgeous terrace and garden for meals, mastermind chats, and relaxing.

You’ll be paired up with a buddy for sleeping arrangements, and I will do my utmost best to make sure you meet your new Business Bestie! You’ll get a questionnaire before you arrive to pair up like-and-like. If you’re coming with a friend, we will do our best to accommodate you together.



Arrive! There will be a transfer arranged from the airport if you come within a certain time, or a pickup from a central Prague location if you’ve arrived early. We will confirm based on everyone’s arrival time at a later date.

We’ll have an intimate dinner and drinks, and have some fun activities to get to know each other and our businesses.


After breakfast, we dig deeper into your business strategy. This can be work on your Dream Client, your social media strategy, your business model. It’s “Choose your own adventure style”. We will confirm specific areas of focus based on your needs.

Then it’s time to explore Prague together! We have lunch in a fascinating, underground Gothic brewery and then walk around – Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the historical astronomical clock – it’s going to be an experience! This whole time, we’re working on your business with mastermind chats and thought-provoking questions.

Back at the location, you can rest, talk with someone, ask questions or just process what we covered.

Optional Arrival

We’ll have a welcome dinner and drinks at the location and get to know each other in a relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere.


A relaxed breakfast and we dive into the workshops. For each workshop, we will explain the structure (e.g. business model). You’ll then be split up into small groups to apply the topics of the workshops, with a facilitator walking around and giving feedback and guidance. We’ll then come together to discuss and give each other feedback.

We’ll have a break for lunch to eat, rest, process and chat. More workshops coming in the afternoon, and winding down for the day with mastermind discussions and skill-sharing.

Dinner is exciting – we’ll go just a 15 minute drive away to Karlstejn castle. It’s a gorgeous walk up the hill towards the castle, with lots of little souvenir shops along the way, and an amazing view. Dinner will be right underneath the castle in a wonderful restaurant.


Breakfast and chat, and straight into workshops. We’ll have a break for a relaxed lunch, and wind down the afternoon with masterminding, goal-setting and action steps for moving forward.

You go home having made some wonderful connections, feeling refreshed, energised and inspired, ready to implement what we covered and see your business take one step to where you want to be.

What’s Included


Two days of workshops that focus on implementation and strategic growth for your business; tailored to your specific needs

  • Applying strategies and digging out the goals in small groups for higher impact + lower effort activities for business growth
  • Content strategy, business strategy, business model refinement, building stronger relationships with your audience online
  • Personal attention from a professional strategist in what you can do in your business for higher impact and less effort.
  • One hour workshop on your sales process with a highly successful sales trainer
  • Hands-on and interactive so you can take the structure and apply it to your own business for strategic growth
  • Small groups with personal feedback

Three or two nights of shared accommodation in the rustic, restored farmhouse Ve Století in Beroun, just outside of Prague


Afternoon exploration in the historic centre of Prague


All meals including lunch on Friday in Prague in a historic brewery, and dinner on Saturday underneath the most famous Czech castle, Karlstejn.


Daily breakfast with coffee, tea, water and snacks (healthy and devilishly bad) provided during workshops


Transfer from the airport if arriving at a specific time range

Optional: Arrival on Friday

Bonus: Implementation & Accountability Call

Two weeks after the retreat: virtual group call for implementation & accountability to take action on the new ideas you got on the retreat. This isn’t one of those programmes where the information stays hidden in a notebook, doomed to die a death of “when I have time”. This is to help you take action and follow through.

The Investment: Early Bird Offer!

Early Bird Valid Until









The Experience: Thursday evening – Sunday:

Full Price: €1500/ US$1,621
Early Bird: €1200/ US$1297


Optional Friday Arrival: Friday evening – Sunday:

Full price: €1200/ US$1,297
Early Bird: €900/ USD$965

Payment plan available. Save your spot (only 16 available!) with a €500 retainer. Next payment due 1 May.

Maggie, I want to be there!

Meet Your Host

Maggie Giele, MSc.

I’m an award-winning business and marketing strategist, helping entrepreneurs take dedicated, strategic action towards their Big Goals and Dreams.

I am honoured & thrilled to invite you and show you around the magical city of Prague, share our rollercoaster experiences and dreams, and grow & explore together.

Growing up in the US and Singapore, studying a Master’s in Amsterdam, and living in Frankfurt, Germany – new adventures are my thing. I was actually born in Prague but left when I was 3, so Prague will always hold a very special place in my heart. One of my favourite spots in the world is standing on Charles Bridge, looking at Prague Castle above me, watching the sun go down.

I absolutely cannot wait to share this experience with you!

I want to be there!


What's included in the price?

If you arrive on Thursday for the full experience:

  • Two days of workshops that focus on implementation and strategic growth for your business; tailored to your specific needs
  • Three or two nights of shared accommodation in the rustic, restored farmhouse Ve Století
  • Afternoon exploration in the historic centre of Prague
  • All meals including lunch on Friday in Prague in a historic brewery, and dinner on Saturday underneath the most famous Czech castle
  • One alcoholic (wine or beer) drink with each meal
  • Daily breakfast with coffee, tea, water and snacks (healthy and devilishly bad) provided during workshops
  • Transfer from the airport if arriving at a specific time range (TBC)
  • group implementation & accountability call after the retreat

You can choose to arrive on Friday evening instead of Thursday evening. You will not get what we do on Friday, so will not include:

  • business strategy sessions “Choose Your Own Adventure”, tailored to growing your specific business
  • lunch in historic underground brewery
  • exploration and tour of Prague
  • everything else that happens on Friday
What's your refund policy?

The €500 retainer is non-refundable. The remainder may be refunded, at my discretion, in the event of an emergency. No refunds will be issues less than thirty days before the retreat.

What will the food be like?

Warm, hearty and lots of it! Czech Republic is famous for its meat and dumpling (knedlíky) dishes. We will accommodate special diets and requirements such as gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan – just let us know upfront!

Is it right for me and my business?

Not sure? Pop an email over to me at I’m intent on making this a positive, inspirational and growth experience for female business owners and I’m happy to answer questions to see if it’s the right fit for you.

What if I want to stay in Prague longer?

You’re welcome to! Prague is a wonderful city for exploring and I will give you some tips on where to go and what to do if you are staying in Prague longer.

How will this retreat benefit me and my business?

The intention behind this experience is to create a safe, non-judgemental environment for women walking the path of entrepreneurship. Through sharing stories together, experiencing “me too” moments, connecting on a deeper level that only an in-person experience can bring, the goal is to inspire you, strengthen you and uplift your confidence.

The workshops are intentionally structured to focus on strategic business growth, in a way that’s interactive and hands-on. That’s why we’ll always break into smaller groups to apply the structure we learn in the workshops, and get feedback from the facilitator and each other.

Together, we grow.

What will the workshops be on?

The workshop content will be confirmed depending on the types of participants and their specific businesses. Tailor made content for your business!

The workshops  will focus on the flow of creating a long-term business strategy for higher impact and less effort. A core focus will be creating lasting relationships with an online audience, through messaging and content, and on business models such as articulating the customer journey (from follower to long-term customer) and building a sustainable online strategy.

There will also be a workshop by a guest expert – a successful sales trainer who will walk you through setting up and refining your own sales process, in a human, communication-focused way.

Still have questions?

Pop me an email at and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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