The Dragon Slayer’s Guide to Digital Strategy

June 20 – 22

A free 3-day email Quest to self-check your business and marketing strategy, fill the gaps and take action towards intentional business growth…. follow the fantasy storyline, take an honest look at your business, and do the daily Quests to grow.

Slay the dragon. Save the prince.
Grow a profitable, sustainable business.

The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Digital Strategy*

*A free email Quest, but secretly a business and marketing strategy audit

Hey future #bizdragonslayer!

I’m Maggie Giele, award-winning business and marketing strategist, and your future wand-waving, spell-casting partner-in-crime to smash your business goals, get visible, and build a sustainable, profitable business. Join me and my puppy Frodo on this epic business-and-fantasy adventure!

A checkup for your business + marketing strategy

Short daily Quests to grow your business

Prizes to be Won

A fun fantasy storyline to follow

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Streamline your marketing, take an objective look at your business growth strategy, and fill the gaps in.

All while slaying dragons, finding unicorns, and saving princes.

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The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Digital Strategy

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