A Strategy Intensive to Create Your 90-day Action Plan

Get seen, get paid, scale your business.

Create for action plan for the next 90 days so you’re focused and clear in doing high-impact things that will get you closer to your goals of getting seen and getting paid.

No more ‘spaghetti on the wall’ marketing strategy.

You’ve got big goals but you’re not quite sure how to get there.

Which of my million ideas is the right next step? How can I get more traction with my marketing efforts? Which of these thousand things should I do?

And then you pick one, get started, and halfway through you realise you don’t know what you’re doing. Or you’ve started doing these Three Epic Things, and are now drowning in all the social media and content and should you really have a sales funnel?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a clear, focused plan for what to work on next? 

Imagine the relief. And confidence. And clarity you’d have. And how much more you’d get done.


“This is what I need to do next to grow my business.”

“This is what needs to happen.”

“This is what I need to focus on.”

“This is what my clients want.”

“This is the content I need to be creating.”


Your Battle Plan

A step-by-step process with the specific, realistic steps you need to be taking for business growth and moving toward your goals.

A in-depth assessment of your business and marketing strategy with specific, realistic steps you need to be taking for more business growth and moving toward your goals.

What you get

A 90-minute strategy intensive
Customised Battle Plan prep work so that you get out of your own head and look at your business with a fresh perspective
A recording of our session so you can relax + focus on our call, and come back to it anytime in the future
My polished notes from the call so you have specific, tangible Action Steps to take to get towards your goals
“Maggie, working with you was exactly what I needed! You really know your stuff and I looooved your clear communication style and no BS attitude.

You told me exactly what I needed to do, gave me very clear ‘instructions’, and kept me accountable to them (which is NOT easy!). I’d 100% recommend you to other online business owners who get frazzled by the idea of marketing themselves consistently online and just want someone to say ‘do this’. Strategy is in your bones – and now it’s in my marketing.” Suzanne Hoare

Creative Copywriter, Pepperjar

How Does It Work?

You book and schedule your Battle Plan session with the link below
Within 48 hours, I create and send you your customised Battle Plan prep work
You work on the Battle Plan prep and finish 24 hours before our scheduled session, so I have time to go through it and prepare
We have our 75 min strategy intensive (recorded)
You receive the recording of our session and my polished notes

You go and make magic happen.

“I just had an AWESOME call with Maggie about honing my marketing strategy.

She gave me such clear, actionable steps to take in terms of where to start (I think we all know it can be pretty overwhelming knowing what to focus on when it comes to online marketing) in order to get to my long-term goal of growing my online presence. I feel like I can absolutely incorporate all of Maggie’s suggestions without getting overwhelmed. She is a rockstar!” Caitlin Iles

CEO & Founder, Nourished by Caitlin Iles

Maggie, I need a Battle Plan!

Your investment is €350/ US$440.


As an award-winning business & marketing strategist, I’m wildly passionate about helping business owners like you create more impact with less effort so you hit your goals faster and get to do more of what you love. I’m all about taking action – what can you do right now to improve your business + your life?

I have a Master’s degree in Marketing Strategy, happy clients and results, a thriving online community (Bosses in Europe) and run live events. My style is high-touch, intimate, and most testimonials I get back talk about me being “no BS” and “no-nonsense”.

What I’m like beyond that? I’ve lived in Singapore and Amsterdam and the US and more. Kickboxing and video games. Red lipstick and heels and jazz. Hard rock and heavy metal. Taekwondo and Czech and Dutch. I like people with a stubborn streak and plenty of ambition

“Maggie is excellent at showing you exactly what you need to know – and what you’re missing.

I’m a highly creative + visual person and even though I manage it perfectly for clients, when it comes to showcasing ME, I often struggle and have too many ideas and little focus.After a session with Maggie, I now have more clarity on what is missing in my own marketing strategy and have some great ideas and action steps to take forward. I’ve already started implementing some of the ideas Maggie put across and have started to notice a steady increase in engagement – especially on Instagram! If you’re after some no-nonsense, practical advice that pushes you to take action then I would highly recommend working with Maggie.” Rachel Shillcock

Founder + Designer, Rachilli: Web + Design Studio

“Maggie is spot-on and incredibly knowledgeable about online marketing strategy, and more, she is incredible at offering a simple, yet impactful plan.

She immediately helped me improve my connection for my online marketing and strategy. Maggie transformed how I think and approach how to easily connect with those I want to help. She helped me see how to clearly make my offers and message standout in the noisy online space.” Jul's Arthur

Founder & Personal Organizing Coach, Jul's Arthur Organizing

Maggie, I need an action plan!

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