Does your marketing make you feel like you’re screaming into the void?

You kinda know what you should be doing, but have no idea what to focus on. You’re not even sure if your marketing is working or if you’re wasting your time. There’s so much to do online, so many possibilities, that you don’t know where to even start, and you’d really, really just like to have someone tell you what to do next.

You want to focus on what you do best – the reason you started your business in the first place. To grow.

You’re going from DIY to Pro. Levelling up. Getting ready for a launch, a rebrand, and overhaul, and you need to make sure you’re not wasting your time.

That’s exactly what I help with!


I’m Maggie, business + marketing strategist.

I help fiercely dedicated entrepreneurs connect with their Dream Clients, work smarter, and grow their business.

You kind of know what the big picture is. You have a rough idea of where you want to get to.

But there are so many tiny pieces to sort out – Dream Clients (who are they, where are they and how do you get them talking?). Which social media platforms to be on. What to actually do on those platforms. How to know it’s working. The price. The packages.


Through my signature programme Slay Your Strategy, I help entrepreneurs  connect to their Dream Clients online, get clarity with what to do next, and create a crystal-clear action plan and strategy for moving towards their big, scary goals. So they get seen, get paid, and get the freedom they started doing all this for in the first place.

I’m kind of a geek.

On marketing and business and fun things likes watching your numbers rise, but I also play a lot of video games and mildly obsessed with the Lord of the Rings.

I have actual credibility.

I’m an award-winning strategist with a Master’s of Science in Marketing, a Bachelor’s in International Business, and results.

I’m international.

I’ve lived on three different continents, in five countries and eight (major) cities, and I speak four languages (some better than others).

Fun Facts


I have an Aussiedoodle puppy named Frodo. Yes, he has the One Ring on his collar.


I’m terrified of heights.


love fantasy. Swords and dragons, magic and plot twists. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter FTW.


I firmly believe that Metallica and Michael Bublé can co-exist.


I play an unhealthy amount of video games.


I have a black belt in taekwondo.

My Core Values

Love Notes

“I like your no-nonsense work style mixed with a high level of customer attention and appreciation.

Your focus on helping me achieve my goals, your professionalism and attention to detail – Plus you are just fun to work with. And you’re not afraid to slap your clients hands if they haven’t done what needed to get done ;-)”

Leigh-Ann Arthur

Managing Director, LAA International Executive Search

“Maggie is a digital strategist who uses her depth and insight to achieve a good plan and I can heartily recommend her!”

Alianne Looijenga

Motivational Speaker & Blogger, Lifesurfer

Maggie calls it like she sees it and doesn’t mince words. She has a desire to truly help you, and meets you right where you’re struggling, which you can fully sense throughout your meeting with her. She’s sharp as a tack, has great insight and provides practical solutions to help you with your business.

Ashley Cox

Owner, Ashley Cox Photography


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